Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book Review of Knockout Entrepreneur

Book Review of Knockout Entrepreneur
George Forman and Ken Abraham ISBN 978-0-7852-2208-8
“Knockout Entrepreneur” is written by George Forman with ken Abraham. The two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World combines his boxing experience with his business experiences to show what it took for him to become a Knockout Entrepreneur. One of the main principles of the book is to find a passion and taking a leap to begin.

Finding a need and filling it is a key principle for a Knockout Entrepreneur. Your chances of being successful increase exponentially if you not only find a need and fill it, but also can do it better than anyone else.

I knew George Forman as the athlete and the spokesman for George Forman grills but was surprised by his other business accomplishments. He stressed that it isn’t always about doing something just for the money. Although, some of his later fights were for the money, but the money was to keep his Youth Center in Houston open.

I recommend this book as a refreshing look at tips to be an entrepreneur. He mixes what he learned as an athlete and used those things in the business world also.

The book is a total of 220 pages and an easy read so it didn’t take long to read it. Each chapter ends with Knockout Ideas to Stimulate Your Success which recaps each chapter.

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This book is also a Nelsonfree book, along with the hard copy, you also get an ebook and an audio version.

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