Friday, September 25, 2009

Review of Beautiful Mess, The Story of Diamond Rio
Published by Thomas Nelson ISBN#978-1-5955-5268-6

“Beautiful Mess” is a story of how Diamond Rio got their start and their journey during the past 20 years. The beginning of the book is a bio of each band member of their youth and how they got involved in the band.

Diamond Rio is one of the few country bands which has been together for 20 years with the same band members for the entire time. At one time they were close to breaking up but came together to resolve their problems and made a comeback.
I have been a fan of Diamond Rio for many years and it was interesting to know more of the background of the band members and behind the scenes information. There are several photos scattered throughout the book also.
They have also been very active in charity work also.
The book is a Nelsonfree book, which means when you purchase the book, you get the hard copy, and can download a free audio book and a free e book for one price.
Even if you are not a country music fan, it is an interesting book showing how people from different beginnings coming together to accomplish a shared goal.

I am a Book Review Blogger for Thomas Nelson

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Self growth website

One website i recentlyfound is Self Growth. It covers a variety of different areas, financial, spiritual, business, etc. I have submitted a few articles and plan on submitting more in the future.

I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Blog Spark

I recently joined the My Blog Spark website.

I received a box of Nature Valley items to review. It included 4 full size bags of the new item of Nature Valley nut clusters, a backpack and water bottle.

They have also offered to send a package to one of my readers.

Leave a comment for a chance to win the package.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Cost of OverMaintenance

Sorry, I haven't posted lately. I have been busy with a full time job, starting my money coaching business and had a friend visiting from out of town last week.

Trent at The Simple Dollar has an article about checking how often you have to do maintenance on certain things. The usual standard for changing oil in your car was 3,000 miles. Now some cars can go longer between changes. I have put 3,000 miles on my car since buying it and it shows 47% oil life left. So if you have to do it less, you save money on less oil changes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Shopping in Your Closet

Go Shopping in YOUR Closet

How often do you stand in front of your closet thinking you have nothing to wear? Instead of heading to the mall, take a second look at your closet. I bet if you look way in the back you will find items you have not worn for awhile. It will feel like a new outfit.

Another idea is to mix up your items. If you usually wear the same pieces together, try matching an item with another item you have. If you usually wear a shirt with the same pair of pants or skirt, see if you have pants or skirt in a different color that will go with it. Also, by changing the color of a shirt that you use in layering. Or to change the jewelry you wear.

If you feel you have to go shopping, look for items that will go with the clothes already in your closet. Instead of buying a whole new outfit, you could buy a few items that will go with what you already have and have a number of new outfits for what one outfit would have cost.

Now is also a great time to look for deals. With the end of the summer season a lot of stores have big sales on those items. You may not think of buying summer clothes now, but some shirts can be worn under your long sleeve blouses and sweaters for a new look. Or you can stock up on items now for next summer. And to stock up on items if you are planning on a warm weather vacation this winter, instead of paying regular prices in the winter (if you are able to find summer clothes in the winter).

Since you are going through your closet, if you have not worn an item for awhile (maybe a year or so) then there is a pretty good chance you may not wear it again. Why not donate those items to charities that may be looking for gently used items. One charity in our area is Dress for Success. They offer clothing to women that are returning to the workforce and cannot afford clothes for interviews and jobs.

One hint I have heard of to see how often you wear your clothes is to put all of your hangers on the rod backwards. Once you wear something put the hanger on the right way. After six months to a year see which hangers are still backwards. A way to organize your clothes to make it easier to see what items go together is to organize your clothing items by color. Organize your shirts by color and then your pants and skirts.

Another way to get new clothes without spending money is to have a clothing swap. Invite some of your friends over and have them bring clothes and accessories that they don’t want anymore and you can swap items. They may be tired of the items but they will be “new” to you.

So now you don't have to hit the mall to get a "new" look.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review of Fearless by Max Lucado

Fearless by Max Lucado
Review as Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger By Nancy Kvamme

Max Lucado’s latest book is “Fearless” reminds us that where there is fear, there cannot be peace; there cannot be happiness; none of the good life that God wishes for each of us. With all of the situations that are going on now, layoffs, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, etc many people are full of fear instead of peace. Since fear and peace cannot exist together. In “Fearless” Max Lucado gives examples using scriptures of ways to choose peace over fear. In most cases the first reflex of most people is fear. The world may be a better place if we found a way to react in faith instead of fear.
Chapters in the book include:
Why Are We Afraid?
The Villagers of Stiltsville
God’s Ticked off at Me
Woe, Be Gone
My Child Is in Danger
I’m Sinking Fast
There’s a Dragon in My Closet
This Brutal Planet
Make-Believe Money
Scared to Death
Caffeinated Life
The Shadow of a Doubt

“Fearless” is a refreshing look at how we can look at current times with peace instead of fear. One quote from the book is “The abundance of possessions has a way of eclipsing God no matter how meager the possessions may be. There is a predictable progression from poverty to pride.”
“If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity or doubt, what would remain? Envision the day when you can trust more and fear less.”
The book concludes with a Discussion Guide with questions from each of the chapters.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Never Too Late to Start Saving

One of the arguments I hear when I talk to people about saving is that they are too old to make a difference. Whatever you can start saving now can make big difference
One big step is to forget the past and focus on the future. In some cases it was being irresponsible but other cases it was events you could not control (divorce, illness, death, etc).
What’s done is done. You can’t go back and fix the past.
If you look at your expenses and can find $10 a day to save, that adds up to $3,650 a year. Even if you think you can’t save that much if you save a little and work your way up. If you are married and each of you can save $10 a day that would be $20 a day or $7,300 a year. If start this when you are 52 years old, and save for 20 years and average 10% return you could end up with $461,947. If you both work for companies with a 401(d) plan $20 a day + 50% match would equal $30 a day x 365 = $10,950 a year. At 10% annual return for 20 years you would have $692,924 in 20 years.
The main key is watching how you spend your money. If you make a million dollars and spend a million dollars you are still broke. If you track your expenses for a week so you can see what you spend your money on and which ones can be eliminated. A dollar or two here and there may not seem like a big deal, but they do add up to a lot. If you control your spending everything becomes easier.

If you have credit card debt, the biggest problem is the interest growing all the time. If you are making only the minimum or a little more, each month your payment barely covers the interest charged for that month. If you keep going that way it can take you many years to pay it off even if you never charge any more on it. In some instances if you call the credit card company about it they may lower your interest rate. If they know you are having difficulty paying the amount you owe them, they may cut the interest rate if they know it will help you pay them the original amount you owed them. In many cases if you cut the interest rate then the debt becomes manageable.
But in order for this to work, once you start paying down your debt, you have to change your spending habits so you don’t get into major debt again. You have to deprogram the way you have been thinking about money. It is hard with all the advertisements for things to spend your money on.

It’s like training for a marathon, little steps at a time, instead of trying to do the whole thing all at one time.

One resource for information on this is “Start Late, Finish Rich” by David Bach.