Sunday, April 24, 2011

Share a Tip

As we continue our way through the 30 steps of Financial Literacy Month, the next step is to share tips you have learned with others.

When you identify ways to reduce spending, you are being honest with yourself about your finances. Being honest with yourself and others about your finances will ensure your success. If you are in a situation where you cannot keep up the spending you have been doing, the best thing is to re-evaluate your spending and make cuts where you can. It may be difficult but will be the best in the long run instead of trying to keep up appearances and run up credit card debt.
If you usually go out with friends and cannot afford to, suggest having potlucks or other meals at home. You never know, others may be in the same situation.
The next step is to share at least one of your financial tips others looking for new and exciting ways to manage their finances.
If you are reading this on April 24, this falls on Easter Sunday. It may be a good chance to talk to others about your financial problems if you are having difficulties or share what you have learned.

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