Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 5 Money Personalities

Money is involved in every aspect of our lives so it is not surprising that it is a common reason for disagreements among couples.  You may have heard that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.  Another statistic is that 70% of divorced couples say that money was a major reason for their divorce.

 In the book The 5 Money Personalities  Speaking The Same Love and Money Language  the authors,  Scott and Bethany Palmer discuss the 5 Money Personalities they have come with after years of working with couples.

Once you realize what your money personality is and what your partner’s is it may be easier to work through your difficulties or to avoid having problems.  The book includes summaries of each personality or you can take a quiz on their website,  Even though you may be able to define what your partner’s personality is, it is important for them to take the quiz on their own.   When reading the descriptions choose a Primary Money Personality and Secondary Money Personality.

The book includes stories of couples that they have worked with and how they were able to communicate about money issues better once they understood how the other was thinking and dealing with money.

It was a quick and easy read and was also informative.  Even if you are in a relationship, it has valuable information to consider with how you deal with financial issues.

I received a copy of the book in return for this review from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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