Friday, April 10, 2009

Start Late, Finish Rich

One of the Books by David Bach, is Start Late, Finish Rich. Many people think since they haven't started saving money yet, it is too late. But he shows ways to start saving. And anything you can save is better than saving nothing.

The Chapters in the book include: It may seem like alot of chapters, but most of the chapters are less than 10 pages long.

Part One: It's Time to Get it

Chapter One
So you Started Late - Give Yourself a Break Already

Chapter Two
It's about your Money, It's about your Freedom

Part Two: Spend Less

Chapter Three
Find Your Double Latte Factor

Chapter Four
How to Transform Your Debt into Wealth

Chapter Five
Manipulate The Credit Card Companies - Legallo

Chapter Six
DOLP Your Debt out of Existence

Chapter Seven
Beware of the "Nonprofit" Promise of Debt Counselors

Part Three: Save More

Chapter Eight
Pay Yourself First... Faster!

Chapter Nine
Toss Out the Budget and Make it Automatic

Chapter Ten
Your Life should be Interesting - Your Investments Should be Boring

Chapter Eleven
Why Renters Stay Poor and Homeowners Get Rich

Chapter Twelve
How to Buy a Home, Pay it off Early - and Save $71,000

Part Four: Make More
Chapter Thirteen
Who Says You Can't Make More

Chapter Fourteen
A Four-Week Action Plan to Get a Raise

Chapter Fifteen
Becoming Your Own Boss-Without Quitting Your Day Job

Chapter Sixteen
Make More...On eBay

Chapter Seventeen
Make More...In Direct Selling

Chapter Eighteen
Make More...In Franchising

Chapter Nineteen
Get Rich in Real Estate...On the Weekend

Chapter Twenty
Get Rich in Real Estate: The Advanced Course

Part Five:Give More, Live More
Chapter Twenty One
It's Never Too Late to Give More

Chapter Twenty Two
Start Late, LIVE RICH!

Chapter Twenty Three
You Started Late... But Your Kids Don't Have to

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