Monday, April 6, 2009

Walgreens Deal

I have mentioned before the rebate program at Walgreens Many people think rebates are too much hassle. But I feel once you get in the habit and learn how to do it, it doesn't take much extra time. You can even enter the information online, so you don't have fill in forms out or mail in the receipts.

This month, one of the deals is if you buy $20 of Garnier products you get $10 rebate. They also have the products on sale. The hair coloring is regular $8.25 and on sale for $5. I bought 4 and will get $10 back. So what would have cost $32 will end up costing me $10 or $2.50 a box.

Also, Hersheys Kisses and candy bar bags are on sale for 4/$10 with a rebate of $5 off $10 purchase. So you end up getting 4 bags/$5.

So what would have ended up costing me almost $50 I will end up getting for $15. I had $50 on my giftcard from previous purchases also, so it didn't cost me anything out of pocket today to get these products and $15 rebate back.

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