Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book Review of The Noticer by Andy Andrews

The Noticer by Andy Andrews
I really enjoyed reading The Noticer by Andy Andrews. It is a quick read, I read it in a couple of evenings. It consists of various stories that merge together, so you can read it in stages if you don’t have time to read the whole thing at one time.

It is a story about seeing situations in different perspectives. The story starts with a 23 year old Andy who was down on his luck meeting an older man named Jones. Jones continues to unexpectedly show up various times thoughout the coming years.

Some of the stories are of Jones helping a couple having marriage problems and a young man that is having problems. He convinces an elderly lady that her life is not over just because her husband has passed away and her children have moved away. Just because things have changed there is a reason to keep going. The stories show different ways to look at things. They are common sense things but the book gives ideas of looking at different perspectives. How problems can be easily solved when you look at it a different way.

I have heard about Andy Andrews and read another one of his books. I was excited to read The Noticer really enojoyed reading the book. I recommend it and will continue recommending it to friends of mine. It is one of the many books I plan to reread many times in the future.

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