Monday, November 9, 2009

Hasbro Game deal at Toys R Us

I stopped at the Fargo store this afternoon. Most of the cheaper games were picked over, but they are expecting more shipments throughout the week.

I ended up with Pictureka (reg $24.99) sale $19.99 and scrabble (reg. $15.99) sale $9.99. With the $10 gift card and $6. rebates. Regular total of $40 will end up costing $14.00

This is from another blog I follow:

There is a fantastic deal on Hasbro games at Toys 'R Us this week! When you purchase $25 worth of Hasbro games, you get a $10 gift card. And the game sale prices are great!

You can also submit your purchases for a fabulous rebate from Hasbro. This is seriously double dipping at its best!

Here are some of the preschool games that are on sale along with the rebates that you can get for each one. Note that only the original games are part of the promo deal. That means that specialty versions like Strawberry Shortcake or Disney Princesses are not part of this deal (except Memory).

These games are on sale for $3.99 each. They are eligible for a $2.00 rebate, making them $1.99 each.
Ants in the Pants
Don't Break the Ice
Don't Spill the Beans
Hi Ho! Cherry-O
Memory (all versions!)
Chutes and Ladders
Candy Land

Purchase 7 of the games listed above, and you'll spend $27.93 out-of-pocket.
You'll get back a $10 Toys 'R Us gift card.
You'll get back $14 in Hasbro rebates.
The final cost for 7 games will be $3.93 or $.56 each!
*Note: You must buy 4 different games, not multiples. Games must be purchased at Toys 'R Us.

Below are the other games on the rebate form. The out-of-pocket isn't as low for them, but they might still be great deals if you have older children or adults to buy for.
The Game of Life
Connect 4
Gator Golf
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Giraffalaff Limbo
Scatterpillar Scramble
Topsy Turtle

To see the details of the Toys 'R Us sale, head over HERE. To download the rebate form along with the list of eligible games, head over HERE

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