Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Retirement Will be here Before You Know it

I am watching a Dave Ramsey special tonight about military families and saving money.

One of the subjects that came up was not saving for retirement as early as they should have. This applies to all people. Like some said other things (Life) kept happening. I know it is hard when you are young and to put money away that you can't touch for decades. I haven't had retirement savings at my job so I have had an IRA for years. I was about 26 when I started my IRA's At that time, it was strange to think I was saving money and it would be more years until retirement tnan how old I was.

Even if you haven't started saving for retirement yet, it is never too late. Anything you can save is better than nothing. One book I have read about this is "Start Late, Finish Rich" by David Bach.

Along with saving for retirement. Another area that gets dropped often is saving for kid's college expenses. When you find a way to send your kids to college, make sure you teach them about the dangers of credit cards and debt. If they end up owing student debt when they are done, it is hard enough without the burden of credit card debt too.

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