Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Need for Financial Education

I have recently started volunteering for Junior Achievement. Business people go into classrooms and present lessons on financial matters. Each course is 5 sessions.

I have been to the current classroom two times so far. It is a fourth grade class. They are interested and receptive of the information but it is important to share this information.

Some comments from the students are: One said she wished you could go to one day of elementary school, one day of high school, one day of college and then make a billion dollars. I was talking about learning about this so they don't get into credit card debt when they get older and she made the comment about her parents being in debt.

Our last lesson was on starting a business. They had to come up with a business idea, location for it and resources they would need. Many of them had good ideas but I had to remind them that they would also have to find a way to make money to start their business. And the importance of having a business plan if they were going to a bank to get a loan.

Many college students think they will finish school and get a high paying job right away. They also don't realize all of the expenses they will have when they are out on their own. So much a month for mortgage or rent and car payments, etc may not seem like a lot but if you add them up and get quite a few they may get out of control.

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