Saturday, June 12, 2010

Genius and Purpose Workshops

Genius and Purpose Workshops scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, June 23 & 24 (9 am to 4 pm) at the Wingate Inn in Fargo.

The Genius and Purpose Workshops, based on the book Is Your Genius At Work? by Dick Richards, provide a wonderful opportunity for participants to dig deeper into their own effectiveness and awareness to learn more about themselves. Through interaction with others in small groups and pairs, along with facilitation by Dick himself.
On Day One in the 4th Annual Fargo Genius Workshop, Dick skillfully guides participants through a process of discovering their genius, that part of each of us that is inevitably linked to our work and career but lies behind the experience and talents catalogued in our resumes. Day Two (the Purpose Workshop) takes the Genius Workshop one step further, and concentrates on Life Purpose, which allows you to be more intentional and effective in fulfilling it, and that purpose gives focus to a life. Day One is a Prerequisite for Day Two.

Registration for Day 1 is $150 and Day 2 is $100, both days for $225.
For more information or to register, contact Jodee at

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