Monday, June 21, 2010

Money Activity Book - Free Download

Have a World of Fun Learning about Money Activity Book
ING DIRECT has extended the Planet Orange Activity Books I & II for parents! The books were originally created for schools, teachers and educators. But the response has been overwhelming ING is offering it to individuals also!

Activity Book II is completed and Activity Book I, is in the final stages and will be here in mid July.

Planet Orange Activity Book II incorporates reading, writing, and higher-level math into more advanced lessons about money. Lessons include: budgeting, paychecks, and pay stubs, deposit slips and checks and the fundamentals of investing.
Planet Orange Activity Book I is for those just beginning to learn about money. It incorporates addition, subtraction, word problems, creative writing and simple activities, which reinforce the vocabulary and basics of money and finances.

These books are designed for kids in 1st – 3rd for Book I and 4th -6th grade for book II. They have not put a grade level on any of the books due to the fact that there are many people that were never taught these valuable lessons and they do not want to limit the amount of kids they can educate.

So in fact, even though the illustrations are on the younger side, these books can be used as a guide to teach just about anyone :)

If you are interested in receiving the book, you have two options…
One is to access.pdf>click here for the free download of Book II. It's a large file, but just give it some time to download and your child will have a wonderful activity to do through out the summer.

Or if you would like the soft cover book, just pay for shipping and we can mail you the book! click here to order

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