Monday, November 15, 2010

Do you need a fnancial fix-up

With the way the economy is, most of are looking at our money more closely. If it is time for a financial tuneup or complete overhaul, consider applying to be part of the Forum’s Financial Fix-up.
They are looking for local individuals or families to take part in the new series. Those selected will receive an individualized financial action plan, created by financial counselors from the Village Family Service Center. As a reward for following through on their advice, State Bank & Trust is offering $500 to each participating family to help achieve their financial goals.
Participants must be open and honest about their financial lives. After all, those chosen will have their names, occupations and photos printed in the paper. They must also be willing to reflect and change. Participants will be asked to blog about their financial fix-up at area voices.
People in all sorts of financial situations are encouraged to apply, whether they’re in debt, newlyweds about to combine finances, nearing retirement and unsure if there’s enough, or saving for a long-term goal like a house, car or college.
To apply, fill out the application here. The deadline for applications is Nov. 28. Those chosen will be contacted in early December. For more information, contact Sherri Richards at (701) 241-5556 or

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