Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Importance of Junior Achievement

This morning I attended the Junior Achievement Fundraising Breakfast. I started volunteering for Junior Achievement last spring.
Through Junior Achievement, business professionals volunteer their time in area classrooms to teach financial lessons to students. Each session is 5 visits to the classroom, with each visit between 30 to 45 minutes. It gives the students a different perspective to hear from someone other than their teacher and parents. It is also different to hear from people actually in certain jobs and professions.
The guest speaker this morning was NDSU President, Dean Bresciani. He opened by saying he was a disappointment to his father, since he was suppose to be a diesel mechanic or fry cook. His parents were immigrants and higher education was beyond the boundaries of his father’s aspirations for him. He told him that no matter the economy, everyone would need automobiles so the need for mechanics and everyone would need to eat.
I feel it is very important to teach children about money and finances when they are young and Junior Achievement is an important part in that.
Contact Junior Achievement if you are interested in donating either your time or financially. Locally, it costs $26 per student for Junior Achievement lessons.

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