Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being Organized to Save Money

One way to save money is to be organized. Some ways being unorganized can cost you money are:
• If you don’t keep track of your bills that come in the mail, you may incur penalties and interest for late payments. Also, if you misplace checks before getting to the bank.
• If you put things in the same spot all the time, you could save time by not having to search for it. Or if you need to go buy an item you can’t find. You could have saved the money you spent on the replacement item.
• By having an organized fridge and pantry you know what leftover items and other items you have that can be used before they spoil. Also, you know what items you have on hand so you don’t spend money on buying duplicates of things you already have. It doesn’t save you much money if you buy items on sale but don’t use them before they expire.

Crystal from Money Saving Mom is doing a series on 4 weeks to a more organized home. Each day she will post the steps for that day and each evening she will post her progress from the day and have opportunities for you to post your progress also.

Each day, there is one main step to do if you are busy and can’t complete all of the steps for that day. The series started on Monday, April 2 and day 1 was to clean out your purse and day 2 was to clean out your refrigerator. Even if you can’t complete it now or keep up daily, it gives you ideas of ways to stay organized.

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