Thursday, April 5, 2012

Couples and money

Following are a few recent articles I have found online.

Being 60 and paying still paying student loans. As the article states, it is not known how many of these people have been paying their loans since their 20s or if they went back to school later in life. Also, if they had co signed for a loan for their children and got stuck paying it off. Student loans are one of the few debts that are not erased by bankruptcy.

In recent years, financial discussions have become part of many premarital lessons. This article discusses 4 money talks couples should have. They include

• Let’s talk about financial baggage. It is important to know what kind of debt the other is bringing to the relationship and also what their saving and spending habits are.
• Let’s talk about spending limits.
• Let’s talk to a pro.
• Let’s review our money plan.

Spending money on items without your partner knowing is known as financial infidelity. It may not seem like a big deal hiding purchases from your partner but it may affect your financial lives if it gets out of control.

One of the books I have found and enjoyed reading is Smart Couples finish Rich by David Bach. Two of his other books are Smart Women Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire.

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