Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recap of "The Smart Cookies"

The Smart Cookies: Guide to Making More Dough
How 5 Young Women Got Smart, Formed a Money Group and Took Control of their Finances.

The 5 women in the book were on Oprah a few years ago after they started a money group.

The book is a mixture of financial lessons and information and their personal stories of working their way out of debt.

Chapter 1 - The Taboo Topic: Starting the Conversation about Money.
in our society it seems like money is a taboo subject with many people.

Chapter 2- Know Your Numbers: Four Facts You need to know about Your finances
To sit down and figure out your income, how much you owe, how much you save and invest and how much you have to spend.

Chapter 3 - Whose Life Are You Living? How to Create and Afford the Life that You Want.
Planning your perfect day
Power of Positive Thinking
Create a Vision Board to reinforce what you want
The "Rather" Factor - what you would rather do with the money than what you have a choice to spend it on. (dinner out with friends or saving it towards a bigger goal)

Chapter 4 - If the shoe fits, you don't have to buy it. How to be a smart spender
What kind of spender are you
Arm yourself with a plan
Living large on less
Be a Fashionista (for less)

Chapter 5- Deflate your debt: 6 simple steps to get you back in the black
Good debt, bad debt, credit cards

Chapter 6 - Make More Dough: Easy ways to earn extra income
Find out what you are worth
Get the raise you deserve
Consider job or career change
Earn extra cash
Change your pasttime or passion into income

Chapter 7 - Watch Your Dough Rise: Everything you need to know about investing

Chapter 8 - Home $weet Home: How to get real value in Real Estate

Chapter 9 Join the Group: A Step by step guide to starting a money group

The book had alot of helpful information and was a quick read.

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