Thursday, March 4, 2010

Womens International Summitt for Health

Womens International Summit for Health is being held in celebration of International Women’s Day. On March 8, 2010, women from all around the globe are invited to attend W.I.S.H. (the Women’s International Summit for Health) – a series of free on-line interviews with leading health and wellness experts who answer the most pressing questions faced by women of all ages and from all cultures. This incredible summit is produced by Tera Warner, the dynamic force behind the web sensation, The Raw Divas [].

Women can register online for W.I.S.H. at and listen to the entire series of interviews for free from March 8-19, 2010.

For 10 days, women will come together to hear the stories and share the wisdom of a star-studded list of 40 speakers. In the first week, W.I.S.H. presenters explore the subjects of sensuality, spirit, food, and relationships. The second week’s stimulating topics include fitness, beauty, health, money, attitude and family. Whether it’s the kids, the cellulite, the hot flashes or steamy romances, W.I.S.H. promises to bring women’s pressing questions to the agenda and get them answered!

Starting on March 8, you will have 10 days so Visit the speakers page on the WISH website, and take note of the dates, the callers, etc. and book yourself up to 4 hours every day so you can attend these calls for FREE.

The calls do not have specific times, just specific days. You’ll have 24 hours to review each set of calls. That’s plenty of time and juuuust the right amount of pressure to make sure you do it

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