Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Personal finance blogs

If you search online for websites and blogs on saving money, you will get thousands. In this article I will share with you a few blogs that I visit regularly. There are many more, but these are a few of the main ones I visit.
The Simple Dollar is a blog by Trent Hamm. Get Rich Slowly is by JD Roth. Both Trent and JD made reckless financial decisions in their early years and finally decided they had to turn around their financial lives. They started their blogs to tell their stories of the mess they were in and how they got out of it. The blogs include both stories of their own and other people. JD has various writers that now contribute their own stories to his site. The sites have great archive lists by category so you can go to the entries that interest you easily. It is basic information for people searching for answers and great reminders for others that need a refresher course. The other day when I told a friend I was writing on this site she said money is something people need to hear over and over because they may know what to do but don’t always listen. She said it’s kind of like church, you know what you should do but don’t always do it.
Also, they have both written books, Trent’s The Simple Dollar book was just released in June. JD’s book is Your Money: The Missing Manual
Another site I visit some is Wise Bread which includes articles on various financial issues and money saving topics.
While there is a ton of information out there on money, I hope you find some useful information on these sites.

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