Friday, July 23, 2010

What is a Moon Jar?

Moon Jar is a website with resources to teach kids about money. The Moon jar is a coin bank with 3 separate containers, for spending, saving and sharing. The kit includes a Moon jar, a family guide to get you started and a passbook to record deposits and withdrawals. Moon jar was created as a tool for children and families to institute strong financial values and practices into their daily lives. They also have books and DVDs to teach children about financial matters.
There is also a link, “Parent Resource” with links to other sites on each of the three topics.
The Philanthropy link contains downloads of two free books on teaching about giving. The free downloads are sponsored by The Seattle Foundation.
The “Giving with a Mission” download focuses on identifying values and creating a personal mission statement and is relevant to families and individuals who are interested in developing a giving plan. The “Growing up Giving” download teaches young people about giving to others.
There are several different types of banks available from different companies. In future articles I will write about other alternatives. The main thing is to get started teaching kids as early as you can to get them on the right track.

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