Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Websites to teach kids about money

In this article I am going to include some websites that include resources to help kids learn about money. As with other things it is easier to teach kids when you can make it seem like fun instead of actual learning.
The Money Wizdom program is designed to teach young children valuable money skills and habits starting as young as five years old. The program gives kids the responsibility—with your help—to manage their own money. And then the cool stuff starts to happen. Kids gain confidence, make smarter decisions, and discover the joys of achieving goals and giving back to their community.
Teaching kids about money includes articles on a variety of subjects such as kids and summer jobs, teaching about taxes, etc. One of the articles mentions money flash cards. A series of coins and dollars are shown and the child is suppose to type in the amount of money that is shown. This is part of another website, a plus math which looks like a good resource to keep up on math skills also over the summer.
Another site is US Mint for kids Topics include history of coins and how the mint makes money. There is also an interactive clubhouse with games and coin news and mint history.

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