Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Planning Holiday Spending

Time to get your Christmas shopping lists ready. I know summer is just starting but it is also time to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping. I was at a store the other day and they were putting out Christmas decorations already. We also got a Christmas card catalog at our office last week.

Sit down the make a list of everyone you are planning on purchasing Christmas gifts for, along with a budgeted amount for each and any ideas you may have already. Add up the amounts you have budgeted, by doing this you will have an idea of the total amount you are planning on spending. Then make a list of extra expenses you may have, such as holiday parties, extra dining out, wrapping supplies and other additional expenses.

By determining your extra holiday expenses now, you will be able to spread it out over the next few months instead of possibly putting a majority of the expenses on credit cards and paying them off. If you put the expenses on credit cards and not pay them off right away, you will have the additional interest and finance charges.

If you are able to budget for the extra expenses now, you will be less stressed around the holidays and will be able to enjoy them more

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