Sunday, June 5, 2011

Save Money Live Better

I attended a friend’s wedding yesterday. Both the bride and groom are managers at Walmart stores. The pastor said since they spend so much time at Walmart he thought he should include it in his sermon, but was not sure how to. He said when he was looking at the website he saw the slogan “Save Money Live Better”.

He figured that was good advice for starting a marriage too. One house instead of two and other ways of saving money. Also, the more you communicate with each other about finances other areas of your marriage may be better too. Studies show that the main reason for divorce is financial matters.

If you are engaged to be married, it may be wise to sit down together and go over each other’s finances, it you have not yet before you get married. Or if you are married and have not, try to get on the same book as far as finances go. Make sure you are working towards the same goals.

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