Monday, July 11, 2011

Financial Toolkit for Disaster Victims

With our summer weather comes tornadoes and this year some areas are experiencing record flooding, when they don’t usually have to worry about flooding.

”Recovery After Disaster: The Family Financial Toolkit” is a free resource developed in partnership by the North Dakota State University Extension Service and University of Minnesota Extension. It is designed to help people who have experienced a disaster in putting their financial lives back together.

The hands-on tool kit can help disaster victims learn key strategies for financial recovery, identify helpful resources and explore options.
Some of the elements of the tool kit are 10 key strategies disaster survivors should know as they begin to work on their financial recovery. Checklists of what to do during the various times of your recovery and worksheets to assess you financial situation and make plans for long- term recovery.

Even if you have not experienced a disaster yourself it is a great tool to have on hand in case something happens in the future.

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