Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not Your Parent's Money Book

I have read a number of books written by Jean Chatzky and was excited to see she has written a book about money for teenagers, “Not Your Parents’ Money Book”. Jean is the financial editor for the Today show and frequent contributor to other talk shows and media sourcres.

As part of the research for the book, she met with groups of kids at middle schools across the country and them questions about what they know about money and things they want to know about money. The book is peppered with questions from kids and her answers to their questions. Also included in the book are fun facts and quizzes about money.

There are chapters about earning money, spending money and saving money. She gives ideas of ways to earn money besides the regular babysitting and cutting lawns and discusses the different vehicles for saving the money you earn.

She also discusses and explains investing and ways to invest. Many of the money related words are highlighted in the book and defined in the glossary at the end of the book. So if there are words that you do not understand you can jump to the glossary and look it up. She also discusses the economy and recession, which may be words that kids hear about and may not know what they mean.

Also included in the end of the book are sections on the history of money and how money is made.

The book is concluded by a list of web resources for more information. The websites include informational websites as well as websites that have games and puzzles pertaining to money and finances.

As with other topics it may be easier for kids to learn if they do not think they are actually learning anything, making it fun to learn.

This is a great resource to teach kids about the important subject of dealing with money and finances. It is about 150 pages and a quick and easy read.

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