Monday, July 4, 2011

Strike it Rich

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change by Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen is a guide to making money by looking for coins with errors. People have collecting coins for years, now others collect them for the value in them because of errors because flawed dies.

Usually we think the older the coin, the more valuable. But most coins with printing errors have been produced since 1963. Some coins have the printing from another coin printed on one side of it. Other errors are double die cast, don’t have printing on the edges or ridges like they should have.

The main equipment needed are magnifiers and lighting. Both can be purchased for a minimum amount.

To preserve your finds, never clean a coin any rubbing and cleaning can cause further damage to the coin and decrease the value.

When you get a collection of these coins and think about selling them there are three main ways to sell the coins. They are selling to dealers, selling direct to collectors and sales through auctions.

The book includes a list of specialty coin club and on-line blogs.

List of 50 state quarters by the year they were released.

The book ends with a glossary of coin terms and definitions.

This is an informative book of a hobby for both kids and adults. You may never look at a coin the same way again.

I reviewed this book as a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger. The only compensation I received in exchange for the review is a copy of the book.

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