Friday, December 2, 2011

Save With Rebates

One way to save on purchasing items is mail-in rebates. There are many stores and companies that offer rebates for certain items. Even some online companies offer rebates.

Some things to keep in mind with rebates are to print out and fill in the rebate form right away. Read the rebate form to see what needs to be sent in with it. In most cases you may need to send in proof of purchase such as the receipt and either the UPC code from the package or the UPC code written on the form.

In many cases it is suggested to get it filled out and mailed soon after purchase before you forget about it or lose the receipt. In some cases it may be wise to wait a couple of weeks to send it in. If it is something that you think you may return, wait a couple of weeks before you cut the UPC code from the package.

My parents got new cell phones last weekend and the salesperson suggested to wait a couple of weeks to send in the rebate, since there is a 14 day return policy on them.

I have purchased a couple of things recently online that came with rebates to reduce the final cost significantly. With holiday sales many retailers have reduced prices on items and also offer mail-in rebates.

As with any type of shopping, consider if you really need the item, even if it is a great price. If you purchase something mainly because if you think it is a good price and don't really need it, you are not necessarily saving money.

Menards is one retailer that offers rebates throughout the year. In some cases, after the rebate the item may be free or almost free. The rebate forms are in front of the customer service desk and the rebate number will be printed on the receipt that is printed to go along with the rebate form.

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