Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People First

Suze Orman ends each of her shows with "People First, Then Money, Then Things". With all of the natural disasters and other things happening recently it got me thinking about this saying. 

Over the past weekend, we had a family reunion on my mom's side. She comes from a family of 10 children and now we have a total of 120 family members. We are fortunate to be able to get together with some of them every year. We had over 50 together for the weekend. At the end of the weekend we were reminded of the importance of family when we heard one of my cousins had been in a serious accident. He has been making progess the past few days.

Money is a vital part of our lives, but it is important to remember what really matters in life. We spent a lot of the weekend looking at old photographs and remembering past events, along with the younger ones laughing at our clothes, hair and glasses.

So as Suze would say, "People First, Then Money, Then Things".

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