Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sometimes you can splurge

I write on here alot about how to save money and making the most of it.

But if you watch how you spend your money, sometimes you can splurge on things you may not usually buy. Over the weekend I was showing my mom and sister in law a purse I had bought. When I told them I spent $50 on it they about fell over. But then I said I did save $15 on it and I had used a gift card that I got for Christmas from my employers. I did have second thoughts about spending the money on it but both handles on my other purse had broke and I was having to hold the whole purse. I figured I would end up spending almost as much some place else or if I spent less it wouldn't last as long.

I didn't think much about posting about it until my sister-in-law mentioned it the other day.

I also told a friend of mine about it awhile back and she was surprised to hear what I had spent on it. When I told her I had bought a new purse she was expecting to hear about some big deal I had gotten on it.

Also, I have been looking for a good deal on a chaise lounge or chair/ottoman. A couple weeks ago I ran across a good deal on a used stuffed chair/ottoman. I did think about it overnight, and figured if it was still there the next day it was meant to be. So I did end up buying it but paid a fraction of the new price and it looks almost new.

So if you watch how you spend your money on certain things you have the money for other things.

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