Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wealth Watchers book

Last night I read Wealth Watchers which I saw when I stopped at the library yesterday. It was a quick read.

It was written by Alice Wood. The book uses similar concepts as Weight Watchers does for losing weight. Instead of counting points of what you eat, you keep track of how much money you spend. You figure compared to how much you have coming in each month, how much you can spend each day to keep in your budget.

She came up with the concept after suffering a brain injury and not being able to keep track of her financial life. While recovering she also became overweight and joined Weight Watchers. While going through Weight Watchers she came up with the idea of Wealth Watchers.

It has basic financial information but is a good resource if you need assistance keep track of your money. The 2nd half of the book consists of blank journal pages to keep track of your expenses.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks so much for mentioning the Wealth Watchers book. I love that you read it up at the library. A very Wealth Watchers thing to do!

    Alice Wood