Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Check your Statements

Even if you have your bills paid automatically from your checking account it is important to check your statements each month. You should check your checking account statements, credit card statements and any other you receive. There could be charges for things that you charged on a trial basis and may have forgotten about and are being charged a monthly fee and not using it.

I received my credit card bill today and there was a charge for the anti virus software I used to use and had changed to another service. I thought I had cancelled the account, but it did not cancel so I was charged for it. I called the 800 number on the statement and it was cancelled and the amount will be refunded.

Instead of air mile awards with my credit card I receive dividend dollars, based on the amount I charge. Once the balance reaches $50 dollars, I can request a check for $50. Since I am always able to pay off the balance each month, this amount is a little extra bonus every few months.

Checking your statements is also important to see where you are spending your budget and can help you set your category amounts in your budget.

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