Monday, May 16, 2011

Is it a deal

There was a coupon in the Parade magazine on Sunday in many newspapers for a free frozen Lemonade at McDonalds. This is a good deal if you were planning on going anyways. But this and other coupons are not good deals if they are for items you were not planning on purchasing or places you were not planning on going to.

When hunting for deals something you have to consider is if it is worth the extra time and stops. Also, if you have to travel a distance or out of your way for it, consider if it is worth the extra costs and time.

Also, watch out for coupons for a percentage off, or even free discounts. Some stores give a coupon for a certain amount for your birthday. One example I know of is a store giving $15 certificate. This is great if you find something you need and not spend much over that amount. But if you spend quite a bit more and it is something you don’t necessarily need, you would possibly be better off not using it at all.

This is one thing I had to change in the past also, thinking about if I really needed something instead of buying it just because it was on sale.

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