Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Can A Dollar Buy

When you think of shopping at a dollar store, you may think you will only find junky items. But at many stores there are items to help you make your money go further. Some grocery stores and other stores also have sections with items like this. Following are some items you may be able to find at your area dollar stores.

1) Mylar balloons – Some stores have mylar balloons for a dollar each. I received one and the helium lasted for over a month.

2) Party supplies – paper plates, cups, napkins in a variety of colors and themes. They would be good to use for showers, graduation parties, birthday parties and other events. Most dollar stores have a variety of kid birthday themes and also for graduation and other occasions.

3) Gift bags, wrapping paper and greeting cards. Most stores I have visited have gift bags comparable to the more expensive stores and since wrapping paper usually just gets torn off and thrown away, it may make sense to find ways to save money on it. Many stores have greeting cards for under $1.

4) Storage bags, plastic wrap, garbage bags. Some of these products may not be the same quality as more expensive. The garbage bags may work in bathroom garbages and others without heavy garbage. I buy the cheaper garbage bags to use for leaves from raking.

5) Baskets, organizing items. Also baskets and other items to make gift baskets.

6) Dishware, glassware. I have noticed lately some stores have plates and glasses. They would work good for dorm rooms and apartments when just starting out. Also, to use so you don’t have to worry about breaking your better dishes.

7) Party favors for kids birthday parties. Items to put together for a gift basket. Vases and other items for centerpieces for bridal showers, baby showers and weddings.

8) Health and beauty items – I haven’t purchased many of these items at dollar stores. I usually find deals at drugstores on these items. But I have heard of others who do purchase them at dollar stores.

9) Food items – I also haven’t purchased many food items but from articles and new shows I have seen on this, it should be alright. Most of the items are discontinued or containers damaged in some way, but the food should be okay. Check out the expiration dates before purchasing.

10) Craft items – With summer vacation coming up you may be able to find items for crafts to keep the kids busy.

Even though the prices are a dollar it is important to keep an eye on what you are putting in your basket or cart. Those dollar items can add up quick. You need to consider if it is really something you need.

What you find at the dollar stores will vary from store to store, but it may be worth checking out an area store. If you purchase a few items that you would have paid more for at another store may make a difference with your p

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