Thursday, August 30, 2012

LifeHacker U - Free Online College Classes

At LifeHacker there is a listing of free online college classes.   Classes are offered for computer science & technology, Finance & economics, Science & Medicine, Mathematics, Law and more.  Classes offered in the finance & economics category consist of budgeting, personal finances for different ages, Finding money to start a business and more.  The classes are taught by professors from MIT, Yale, Berkley and more.   

I looked briefly at the Budgeting class information and Personal finance information.  It appears to be helpful information on budgeting and personal finance planning.  The classes I took a look at was information you could work at your own pace and start at any time.

 Here is what LifeHacker has to say about their online university:

“The beautiful thing about taking classes online is that you can pick and choose the classes you want to attend, skip lectures and come back to them later(in some cases – some classes require your regular attendance and participation!), and do examinations and quizzes on your own time. You can load up with as many classes as you choose, or take a light course load and come back to some of the classes you meant to take at another time that’s more convenient for you.

With Lifehacker U, you’re free to take as many or as few of these classes as you like, and we’ll update this course guide every term with a fresh list of courses on new and interesting topics, some of which are only available during that academic term.”


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