Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Debt Snowball

One plan to pay off your debts is the Debt Snowball. To start this plan, make a list of all your debts, except your mortgage, smallest to largest. The reason to list smallest to largest is to have some quick wins. After you list the debts smallest to largest, pay the minimum payment to stay current on all the debts except the smallest. Every dollar you can find from anywhere in your budget goest toward the smallest debt until it is paid. Once the smallest is paid, the payment from that debt, plus any extra "found" money, is added to the next smallest debt. Then, when debt number two is paid off, you take the money that you used to pay on number one and number two and use ton number three. Keep paying minimums on all of the debts except the smallest until it is paid. Every time you pay one off, the amount you pay on the next one down increases. Just like every time the Snowball rolls over, it picks up more snow and gets larger.
One reason to pay the smallest bill instead of the one with the highest interest rate is by paying off the smaller one more quickly you see results quicker and have a better chance of not giving up on it.

This idea is from The Total Money Makeover by http://daveramsey.com

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