Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is a Bargain Really a Bargain

When we buy things on sale we usually think it is a bargain. But if you buy something on sale but don't really need it, it was not really a bargain. I used to do this too. Then I realized if you spend money on something you don't really need you could be saving that money instead. My former boss told me the story of his daughter and granddaughter. When his granddaughter was in elementary school, one day her mother was looking at the fliers in the paper. She said she could save 50% on certain items at one of the stores. The daughter said if she didn't go at all, she could save 100%. That is how I have started looking at purchases. Even if something is on sale, do I really need it?

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  1. SO TRUE! I have 2 shirts hanging in my closet that I purchased last year on Clearance! Still have the tags on them and I've never even put them on again... It's the kind of shirt that I thought 'oh sometime, somewhere I'll be able to ware it'... NOPE, haven't yet so that combined $50 would have been saved!