Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween alternatives to candy

Although one of the main things about Halloween to kids is the candy, there are some alternatives. Some fast food restaurants have coupons for their treats. Most Wendy’s restaurants have Halloween coupon books for $1 and contain five free Frosty coupons. Most McDonald’s locations have Halloween Treat Voucher Packs on sale now for $1. They contain 3 coupons for FREE Apple Slices, 3 coupons for a FREE small apple juice or White Milk Jug, 3 coupons for a FREE Hamburger, and 3 coupons for a FREE small cone. The McDonald’s coupons are valid from November 1 through December 31.
One year I found a bag of individually wrapped pretzels. Another year I found a deal on Cereal/snack bars. I don’t usually get many trick or treaters so I gave out the cereal bars. They seemed to like them. Another suggestion is snack size cookies, graham crackers, snack crackers, etc.
If your kids do receive an excessive amount of candy, they could make money from it. Dr. Patrick J. Capp, DDS in West Fargo is encouraging kids to turn in their candy for $1 per pound. Candy will be collected at Dr. Capp’s office at 105 13th Ave E on Tuesday, November 1 from 5 to 8 pm. It will be shipped to Operation Gratitude to be sent to the troops overseas. The candy must be unopened.

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