Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips to Hosting a Cookie Exchange

One way to get a variety of holiday cookes is to host a cookie exchange. A cookie exchange is when each participant brings a number of one type of cookie and they swap so each goes home with a variety of cookies.

Along with swapping cookies it is also a great excuse to get together with friends. I participated in a cookie exchange a few times through a group I used to belong to. In some cases you are asked to bring some extra cookies to enjoy during the party and in other cases they may have appetizers and h'orderves that guests bring.

Some tips on hosting a cookie exchange are:
It is recommended to send out invitations about a month before the planned date so people can put it on their calendars. Also, once you have a list of interested people you can take a vote to see what date and time works best for them.

When the guests arrive have them put their cookies on the table you have ready for them. After a 20-30 minute time of socializing the swap can begin. They can take turns going around the table taking a certain number of each type of cookie.

Before the swap begins you can have each guest introduce themselves and their cookie and if they have a story about their cookie (i.e. if it is a family recipe, etc).

The number of cookies each guest should bring depends on how many guests are participating. It is recommended to have about 10-12 guests and each to bring 10-12 cookies per guest.

The 10 dozen or so cookies may seem like a lot to make but you only need to make one kind and you end up with about the same number of cookies but several different types.

There are a number of websites and books with more ideas on cookie exchanges.

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