Saturday, October 1, 2011

Making Mixes as Gifts

One way to either save money on bakning mixes for your own use or to give as gifts is to make your own. As in this post with a little time you can mix up the dry ingredients for recipes with instructions for wet ingredients and baking directions to use in the future. You can do the same thing with recipes you have or look online for other recipes such as cookies and bars.

If you are planning to use for yourself you can store in quart or gallon size storage bags or jars. You may want to store them in the freezer so they last longer.

If you are planning on giving them as a gift some ideas are putting in ziplock storage bags with a border on the top of the bag. Cut a piece of cardstock the same width as the bag and long enough to fold over the top of the bag and glue or tape the sides together. You could also put the mixes in glass jars and wrap the lid with ribbon. When giving as a gift include a card with the wet ingredients needed and baking instructions.

You could include the mixes in a gift basket with other items such as potholders, pans, baking chips, etc. I have also seen an idea online of using a 5 gallon pail with flour, sugar and other items needed for baking.

These mix ideas could be used for gifts for neighbors, teachers, bus drivers, and other people you want to purchase gifts for.

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