Monday, October 24, 2011

Harvesting from a CSA

This last summer I received weekly vegetables from a CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) from Bluebird Gardens by Fergus Falls.

You receive a weekly box of vegetables from June to mid October. In addition to the vegetables you also have the opportunity to take part in Harvest Events where you can go to the farm and pick additional items. Each item has a specific amount you can pick. This is considered a gift from the farm so if you choose not to or are unable to participate in Harvest Events you are not losing anything.

A family share is $595 which is charged during 5 months over the winter at $119 per month. A share (enough for two people) is $395 or $79 a month. I got the share and was able to freeze some of the extras for the winter. I also participated in Harvest Events and have a freezer full of vegetables. Here is a list of the vegetable I received in the box each week and during the Harvest Events.

I really enjoyed participating in the CSA and am looking forward to next year again. The share comes to about $20 per week. There were things that I enjoyed trying and probably would not have bought otherwise. I also ate more vegetables than if I was going to buy them at a Farmers Market or grocery store.

See the website for more information or to signup.

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