Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saving on Baking Supplies

During the holidays, many people tend to do more baking than they normally do. Over the next few months the grocery stores should be having sales and coupons for baking supplies such as flour, sugar, baking chips, nuts, etc. If you buy things that you will not use up in the near future it would be recommended to store them in the freezer to have them last longer.

I try to stock up on baking chips, nuts and other items when they are on sale and store them in the freezer.

Locally, Fleet Farm is known to have good prices on things such as nuts and baking chips.

One advantage of baking your own items is that you know what ingredients are in the items and you can control ingredients.

If you need a certain type of pan or other items you do not have, try looking at the thrift stores before paying full retail price. Many thrift stores have items that may be new or almost new for a fraction of the new price.

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