Friday, March 6, 2009

The Importance of Investing

Following is an excerpt from The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman.

The Importance of Investing
There are only three honest ways in this life to get money. The first is to work for it. The amount of time most of us are able to work will be limited - by age, health, elimination of our jobs-and there will be many years, for most of us, when we're spending money but not earning it. Do you know that most of us will spend more time in retirement than we ever did working?
The second way to make money is to inherit it. Are you among those who are hoping that an inheritance will be your saving grace? With the life expectancy inching up to the eighties and beyond, you might well hit your own retirement years before you ever see a penny. What is mroe, for the majority of us, inheritance is rarly a sure bet. One nursing home stay, a few investments gone bad, a large probate or estate tax bill-anything can happen.
The third way to make money is the most powerful and respectful way ther is. This is to invest the money you save during your working years wisely, so that when you no longer want to or are able to work, your money will work for you. The earning years of your retirement money can go on forever-money is a living entity. If invested with respect, if invested in time to let it grow, these earnings will take care of you well and go on to take care of those you leave behind.

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