Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swag Bucks

SwagBucks is a free search engine that offers you the opportunity to earn swag bucks just for doing what you already do - search online. I generally win at least one Swag Buck about every other time I search online. Some days I have won five Swag Bucks for a search.

You can use the following link to register

And, I earn SwagBucks every time some one joined with me wins, too.
That is the greatest part: when you share your link with others, they can earn swag bucks and when they do, so do you - up to the first 100 swag bucks each person earns.
You can also earn Amazen and Starbucks gift card and other gift cards, airline miles, things for kids, trading cards and more!

It doesn't take alot of points to earn gifts. Other sites like this to read emails, etc you need alot more points to get any kind of reward.

I haven't been doing it too long yet. But is a simple way to get gift cards, etc.

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