Monday, March 23, 2009

Menards Rebates

Menards offers rebates on certain products each week/month. Some are featured in the weekly fliers. In the store there are signs by the products with rebates. Some rebates are for the full price of the product and some are part of the price. The rebate forms are located in front of the customer service counter at the front of the store. If you buy a product that there is a rebate for, a separte receipt (s) will print out below your receipt. You just have to fill out the rebate form and send the rebate receipt. The rebate comes in the form of a merchandise credit that you can use on future purchases. It may not seem like a big deal, a few dollars here and there but they add up. I was buying some items to do some painting last week and noticed some of the paint brushes had a rebate. $5 times 2 items adds up to getting $10 back. The items have limits to the number of rebates per item. Usually its 2 items but the rebate form will state how many items are allowed. Some of the items that end up being free require a purchase of at least $10 along with it. But if you were going to purchase items anyways you can also send in for the free items.

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