Monday, March 2, 2009

You'll Get More Than you Give

When you volunteer, you will get back a lot more than you give. Research on volunteerism shows that people who volunteer live longer, have stronger immune systems, have fewer heart attacks, recover from heart attacks faster, have higher self-esteem, and have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose than those who don't volunteer. The research also shows that people who volunteer in their younger years are more likely to end up in more prestigious and higher-paying jobs than their nonvolunteering counterparts. Volunteering is a powerful way of networking and often leads to business and career opportunities.
Also, one of the keys to success is building a huge network of relationships, and volunteering lets you meet all kinds of people you would never had met otherwise.
I joined a volunteer and community service group about 8 years ago and also got active in leadership roles. I have made friends all over the country that I would not have met otherwise.

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