Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saving Money with a Menu Plan

Michelle at leaving excess has a post on her menu plan for the week. There are many other blogs that list their menu plans.

If you take a few minutes each week to set up a menu plan can make it easier getting dinner on the table each night. When you know what you are going to make each night you can have everything on hand and get things ready if you need to the night before. This is one way to save you from stopping for take out as much.

When planning your menu it is helpful to be looking at the grocery store fliers to see what is on sale and try to plan around things you have on hand and are on sale.

Also, like Michelle mentions you can make an extra amount of something one night to use as part of a different meal later in the week. Her case was rice. But if you make chicken, etc and use it in different meals.

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