Friday, July 13, 2012

Dollar Store Finds

One of my goals for the next month is to post each day of July about a List of 10 dealing with a personal finance or money saving idea topic.

With the rising cost of items and the state of the economy, dollar stores are increasing in business.  Some things are not worth the dollar, but there are some things that may be a  better deal than buying at other stores.

10 of things you can find at a dollar store are (Some of these I regularly purchase and some are referenced in this post :

1) Greeting cards

2) Gift wrap and gift bags

3) Party supplies such as tablecloths, colored plates, cups, serving platter, bowls  and silverware.

4) Storage bags

5) Helium balloons

6) Health and beauty items (I don’t usually buy them here but have heard of others having good results)

7) Party favors and toys

8) Kids books and activity books

9) Craft items

10) Beach toys and pool floats

Here is a blog post I found with tips on what to buy and what not to buy at dollar stores.

As with other stores, you need to consider if you really need something before buying it.  With everything being a dollar, they can add up quick.  It may not seem like a big deal since it is a dollar but the total can add up.

A couple of websites with ideas to do with items from dollar stores are Dollar Store Crafts and Dollar Store Mom.

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