Monday, July 2, 2012

Found money

It is not necessarily free money, but in a few minutes today I got an extra $100. 

I cashed in some loose change I had been saving and it ended up being $25.  It may not seem like a lot but I can use it to buy something instead of sitting on my fridge.

I stopped at CVS to see what my Spring quarter balance of Extra Care Bucks was and I got a coupon for $23.50 to use on a future purchase.  When you sign up for a free Extra Care card you get special prices on certain items and each quarter get 2% back on the purchases you make.  Many times I use coupons and sales to get the items for almost nothing.

Then when I got home, my credit card bill was in the mail.  Instead of earning airline miles, I get dividend dollars of a percentage of what I charge on it.  You can redeem the dividend dollars once your balance exceeds $50.  My balance was just over $50 so I called to redeem them.  I pay off the balance each month, so I don't incur interest and finance charges. 

So with just a little time this afternoon, I have $100 to spend on other things.

Where can you find extra money?

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