Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Student Loan Websites

One of my goals for the next month is to post each day of July about a List of 10 dealing with a personal finance or money saving idea topic.

On a recent airing of the Suze Orman Show, Suze stated that student loan debt in America has topped $1 trillion.  In many cases, it may be necessary to go to college and obtain student loans.  One guideline she suggests is not to take out more in loans than the amount you think you will earn in salary your first year of employment.

Following are  10 websites with information on student loans.

1)      FAFSA is the site to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and information on it.

2)      FinAid is the Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid.

3)      Saving For College is a guide to 529 plans.

4)      Staffordloan.com has information about Stafford loans and other student debt.

5)      Department of Education Direct Loan homepage has information about Direct Loans.

6)      Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a guide of what to know before borrowing money.

7)      Loan Consolidation has information if you need to consolidate your federal loans.

8)      Federal Student Aid has information to help you resolve your loan dispute.

9)      Student Loan Network has resources about student loans.

10)  FinAid Calculator estimates how much your monthly payments will be and what salary you should have to be able to make payments on your student loan.

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