Sunday, July 1, 2012

Once a Month Cooking

One way some people save time and money on their meal cooking is Once a Month Cooking (OAMC). The premise is to spend a day cooking your meals for most of the month. Then each day you only need to take the itmes from the freezer and finish cooking. With OAMC you save the time of cleaning up from meal preparation each night. Also, you may also save money by buying ingredients in bulk.

Even if you don't want to spend an entire day cooking there are other ways to implement freezer cooking. When you are making items such as lasagna, meatloaf, etc make one or two extra and put them into the freezer so they are ready to use some other time.

Since I usually only cook for myself, when I make lasagna, a hotdish or something like that I freeze the extras in individual serving portions to use in the future.

Once a Month Mom puts together a freezer menu each month. For July they have put together a variety of menus for different diets. Menus for July includes meals for Traditional meals, Whole Foods diet, Gluten free Dairy free, Diet menu, Vegetarian, Baby food (6-9 month) and a Grilling Mini menu.

Each menu includes printable recipe cards, a grocery list, instructions and printable labels with the name of the dish and serving instructions for preparing the dish.

Even if you don't want to follow the plan for the entire month, it may be beneficial to look at the menus and try a few of the meals.

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